ANVI is a digital company that provides businesses with modern technological solutions, recruiting IT personnel for projects and developing software.

It all started with the fact that seven years ago, we united developers into a team with a shared desire to enter the market with a new format of service to satisfy the needs of both companies interested in hiring specialists and organizations that need a finished product.

Today ANVI is a close-knit team of like-minded people. Our HR specialists can fill any vacancy in the IT field, and experienced developers create IT solutions for startups that will help them grow from start-up projects to successful companies.

How we work in the field of outsourcing and outstaffing:
✔️Receive a request from a client;
✔️We are looking for a specialist who best fits the requirements of the project;
✔️We hire the developer as one of the company’s staff (to perform the customer’s tasks), or we involve them in working directly with the client.
What technologies? do we use in the field of software development:
▪️HTML and many more.

Another area of ​​the company’s activity is its products – the resources and The first platform helps developers, designers, and all the positions in the IT market find jobs in their specialty, and the second allows companies to find highly qualified employees.